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Black Lives Matter, Or Blm For Short Essay - 1992 Words

Black Lives Matter, or BLM for short, is an activist group which originated in the states but has spread across large parts of the world, to protest the alleged systemic racism against white people. The movement has first seen acceptance after the shooting of black teen â€Å"Treyvon Martin† at the hands of George Michael Zimmerman on the 26th of February 2012. Following that event; the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter was trending on several social media websites. The activist group was then officially founded on the 13 of July, 2013 by three African American community organizers: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tomiti. At the time of its formation, BLM had seen broad acceptance, whether it being from African Americans, community leaders, celebrities, public figures and even the President himself who has invited BLM activist DeRay Mckesson, an outspoken civil rights activist, into the white house. Brittany Packnett, a Minneapolis-based Black Lives Matter activist and severa l others were also invited. The group, which had seen a lot of following in the past three years, has been known for protesting against police and law enforcement officers, especially after altercations with black people. Many protests in several parts of the country have been organized by BLM activists, many of which follow the death of a certain black American. Aside from protest, BLM also organizes public events to further enlarge their popularity. They also have a very large social media presence, asShow MoreRelatedSocial Movements Of Canada And Ghana858 Words   |  4 Pagesis admirable. During the Summer of 2015, BLM publicly challenged politicians, including those in the 2016 U.S presidential elections. A drawback of the movement is that it is decentralized and does not have the funds or people with enough power to enforce a formal structure and hierarchy within its network. One successful method the protestors employed to have their voices heard is the staged demonstrations at numerous malls across th e United States on Black Friday, which is undeniably, a wisely chosenRead MoreThe Power Of A Group1052 Words   |  5 Pagesform and communicate faster than ever before. Although online movements may appear to be tied to the internet, many have utilized social media to organize physically across a large area. One such movement is the â€Å"BlackLivesMatter† movement, or â€Å"BLM† for short. A social movement that was ignited, in the summer of 2013, shortly after the acquittal of George Zimmerman, who was tried for the shooting of Trayvon Martin (Breeanna). The group’s driving factor is to elicit a change in law enforcement s treatmentRead MoreBlack Lives Matter Is A Necessity Of Today s Society1220 Words   |  5 PagesToday, African-Americans can be found owning business, being successful doctors, professors, and leaders of the world. However, Black Lives Matter (BLM) highlights the shadowed inequality that America is currently experiencing. Though controver sial, Black Lives Matter is a necessity of today’s society because it’s encouraging, convicting, and progressive. Black Lives Matter began in 2013 following the case of Trayvon Martin, an African-American boy who was fatally shot by a neighborhood watch volunteerRead MoreThe Violence Of Black Lives2507 Words   |  11 PagesNonetheless, BLM does receive a great number of criticisms. Some people point out that it wouldn t last. The movement is blamed for its having no coherent structure and no powerful leadership that it will eventually fail. Opponents said that Black Lives Matter actually worsened race relations in America, pointing to the polls that show Americans opinions about race relations being worse in recent years, but BLM supporters asserted just because they have pointed out racism in America doesn t meanRead MoreThe Is The Most Important Factor Of A Movement1860 Words   |  8 PagesLast but not least, supporters of BLM should be brought to discussion, as they are the most important factor of a movement. It is undeniable that BLM has received considerable support from a lot of celeb rities. One of them, an American actor and film producer, Samuel L. Jackson has challenged the celebrities to go one step further as he posted a video on his public Facebook page asking famous figures who took the Ice Bucket Challenge over the summer to join the protest: All you celebrities out thereRead MoreThe Impact Of Social Movements On Social Movement1901 Words   |  8 PagesSocial movements shed light to social issues present in communities and harvest social change in political, religious, educational, health, government, and other institutional matters. Social movements give individuals a clear outlet to concerns about the rights and well-being of themselves and others, mostly through public protest and conversation, in order to promote social justice and democracy. Throughout history, humans naturally ended up starting movements to simply improve their way of lifeRead MoreThe Police Shootings And Its Effects On All Police Officers Essay1838 Words   |  8 Pagescontrol of their lives and country, the more freedoms they will gladly hand over, in the false belief that it will make them and our country more safe. When BLM came into the American conscious they may have had a legitimate argument and more tyhan fair demands. Their accusations of, white cops killing unarmed black men, without serious investigations or consequences may have had some legitimacy if you looked past the raw numbers that did not validate their claims. Originally BLM wanted Body camsRead MoreB. Du Bois Essay1447 Words   |  6 PagesHowever, white people who feared him labeled him a trouble maker and some black people saw him as an outcast. No matter what Du Bois’s critics thought about him, Du Bois was the voice of African-American fight for equality. As a prolific writer and speaker he was regarded by many as a prophet. Historical record researched and documented revealed, Du Bois is mostly â€Å"known for his conflict with Booker T. Washington over the role of blacks in American society. In an essay on Booker T. Washington, Du Bois praisedRead MoreBlack Panther Party : A New Political Organization1851 Words   |  8 PagesBlack Panther Party In the fall of 1966, a new political organization, based out of Oakland, California came into view and started to gain acceleration. Seeking a new alternative to King’s non-violence and civil disobedience stance, the Black Panther Party was created. The party was known as the largest Black revolutionary organization created in history. Its founders Huey P. Newton, an African-American political activist and Bobby Seale (a political activist as well). While attending the UniversityRead MoreThe Dangers Of Modern Social Justice1806 Words   |  8 Pageswrong. Recent advancements in technology have made this mentality possible to spread at a swift and unchecked speed. Where one voice can stand against many, where one post to a social site can start a movement, where one tweet can endanger innocent lives. Where one match in a dark room has the potential to either light the room up, or set it on fire. It is this style of belief structure that if not properly balanced can create such chaos and division that not one, or many, could stand against. This

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