Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Examination of competitive intelligence as it relates to a specific Essay

Examination of competitive intelligence as it relates to a specific e-businessPC World) - Essay Example This paper seeks to use the porters five forces theory to explain the competitor analysis. PC World is known as the largest retail computer superstores located in United Kingdom. PC World was established in 1991. Later In 1993, the company merged with Currys PC World. The company is headquartered at Hemel Hempstead in United Kingdom. In 2005, the number of the employees was approximated to be 5,528. The company has a slogan that brings individuals together in the term of technology â€Å"we start with you†. PC World began to expand and made acquisitions of DN computer services, Byte computers stores limited and micro ware house in 1996, 1998 and 2004 respectively. PC World in 2006 started to link itself with homes and started home entertainments and installation services. The business reported a loss of $29.8 million in 2008 but in 2007 it had a profit worth $52.4 million. Currently, the company operates in United Kingdom and Ireland. This is after some stores were closed, for example, in 2009 Sweden stores were closed and in 2011 Spanish stores were also closed. L ater in Italy they were closed making the company to operate in United Kingdom and Ireland only. One of the major competitors of PC World is Dixons Retail that is located in United Kingdom. The company has different stores that are approximated to be 530 in UK and Ireland. Additionally other outlets are operational in northern Europe with the number standing at 322 stores. Dixons Retail have specialized in market technology, for example, electronic products, audio –video machines personal computers, photographic machines, installation and repair, mobile services among others. Dixons Retail was founded in 1937 and is the major competitor of PC World since they sell the same brands though Dixons have specialized in market. Comparing with PC world, Dixons Retail operate in UK and Ireland where 530 stores are operational with a market share of 40%. For

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