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Fog of war Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Fog of war - Movie Review Example With the above in mind, the films goes on to provide lessons, as portrayed in the title, eleven lessons that can be learnt from his role as secretary of defense and as an advisor. In relation to the above, the film delves and dwells on the issues that McNamara has had to live with since his years in the government. This is concerning the consequences of his counsel to the government, which led to numerous losses in the United States and the world at large. This is as displayed by his role, in which he advised the government to participate in wars that led to enormous loss of human life and destruction of property across the globe. One such event, that he confesses to, is the Vietnam war in which numerous civilians were wiped out to the tune of over 3.4 million Vietnamese lives lost. The film also allows McNamara to confess to his erroneous judgment in waging and strategizing for war. However, the film fails to capture his admission to moral failures on his side, for which he should take responsibility. As a result, the film fails to capture the details of the embarrassing truth on his role and personal responsibility towards the two wars in which he was involved. This shows a weakness in the methods of interviewing used as McNamara appears prepared to avoid any issues likely to raise controversy on his part (Holden). In addition, the film/ documentary seem to provide a moral twist to the entire storyline by bringing out his role in the Second World War. This is done by the part where he was a strategist for world war two and was part of a team that recommended the burning of Japanese cities. In this case over two million Japanese civilians were killed, which incriminates McNamara as having participated in war crimes. His moral sentimentality towards the issue is portrayed by the comments he makes on the likelihood of his prosecutions had the Japanese or Vietname se won the wars. In addition to morality, one of

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