Saturday, August 24, 2019

Network administration capstone project Case Study

Network administration capstone project - Case Study Example There was also the need to analyze the components and features of the software in relation to the demands of the department. Result of the component and system analysis is what has been presented in this capstone project. Like all other forms of major institutional projects, the usage of the present project, which was the internalization of software, was taken through a number of development levels. There were three major development levels identified and these are the search level, implementation level and evaluation level. At the search level, developers were tasked and at the same time offered the opportunity to undertake comprehensive research and feasibility study about the intended project. This was done with the aims and objectives of the project in mind as data and information were searched on how to ensure that the usage of the present software would meet the standards on the estimating software market, and if possible become a new model that will also set a new and higher s tandard for the market. This was followed by the implementation level, which was an action driven point of the actual development whereby all the paper works were put into action. This involved all software and hardware managers operating from their different areas of expertise to ensure that the construction of the software was done according to the stipulated standards that were set ahead of the implementation stage. To ensure that the finished work matched up the planned purpose of the project, a comprehensive evaluation level was instituted. The evaluation of the task was made up of a comprehensive critic and appraisal of the finished work to ensure that there were no areas or aspects of it that produced sub-standardization. What is more, it was to ensure that the system specifications were working as planned. Project Description The present project involves the process of internalizing purchased software to solve the everyday estimation tasks that is undertaken by the company. By this, reference is being made to the fact that, because the system was not internally created by the department, it is important that is will be adjusted to fit the requirements and needs of the department. Therefore, two major roles are involved in describing the project. The first is in giving a vivid identity to how the creator of the software designed it to work and how it is currently being re-created to take up quotes for the customers who would presently be using it for their own estimations most importantly however, it is worth emphasizing that due to the fact that the purchased product was designed purposely for the task of estimation, it did not take much work to be done by the company in getting new features fixed to make the software ideal for the department. All in all, in describing the project, an overall identity that can be given to it a SQL based software that has come to compliment and replace the old DOS and Excel estimating system that is currently used by th e sales department of the company. The project, and for that matter the software has some specifications that distinguishes it from other estimation software and the old DOS and Excel estimating system. One of such is the fact that the present project guarantees more detailed, professional and accurate estimation tasks that were otherwise seen as weaknesses of the old estimation system. These detailed, profes

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