Thursday, November 21, 2019

Advantages for Young people live with out Parents Essay

Advantages for Young people live with out Parents - Essay Example Not having parents to live with would expose them to direct emotional and psychological pressures. The advantage here is that, the youth is getting an opportunity to face those early challenges and get seasoned to the turbulence of life. These experiences would make them sensitized to the importance of facing those challenges and seeking for opportunities to achieve. In other words, living without a support mechanism would make youth independent and self sustainable. One very important problem that the parent children relationship faces is generation gap. Generation gap is nothing but differences in ideologies and thought process. This would cause further distortion in the relationship between the parent and young children. Youth living without parents would not be influenced by and confined to the ideology of their parents. This would mean that they will develop an early individuality. At peer level, they will have an advantage of being relatively mature and able to handle complex things. This is very much important to be successful in

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