Sunday, November 17, 2019

Job search project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Job search project - Assignment Example In addition, the work will present an in-depth study of the present shortage and the reasons behind. Environmental health specialists are professional health workers mandated to ensure safe and healthy condition within residential, commercial, industrial and even recreations settings. These professionals also carry the name environmental health or safety inspector. Their primary duty involves checking the presence of any health hazards and making proper plans to sort out the problems. Majority of environmental safety inspectors are found working in government institutions that monitor federal, state and even local safety and environmental policies. This takes in such duties as monitoring factories and plants for industrial wastes or any other pollution; inspecting hotels for cleanliness; and inspecting day cares institutions, schools and nursing homes to find if there is any heath hazards that may include lead paint or radon. In addition, environmental safety inspectors also check ho w hospitals deal with biological waste while at the same time ensure recreational facilities such as swimming pools are in good condition to be used by the public(NEHA). State employed environmental safety inspectors issue certificates and permits, which qualify that a certain recreational facility, place of business or residence has met the required safety and health standards to begin its operation. On the other hand private environmental health inspectors found working in private companies serve to keep the firms facilities within the standards prescribe by the government. Here, they ensure that environmental health specialists send from the government do not any violations of the set policies. In many cases, the environmental health inspector job requires that one possesses a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree in environmental science. Addition qualification in any course related to biology, chemistry, physical science, public health and environmental engineerin g is of great significant. Individuals intending to work with government agencies need to undertake a certification offered by the concerned federal, state or local institution. Such is the case that many states have set up a licensing board to examine possible candidates who are then granted certification after going through the process successfully. In this case, the certification granted depends much on the nature of the concerned facilities. Certification is also possible through the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA). In addition to the academic qualifications, a competent environmental health inspector should demonstrate certain skills deemed vital for this profession. First, he/she should display strong employee relation and good interpersonal skills. This will help one relates with other stakeholders in this field without much difficulties. Secondly, a professional in this field needs to have good skills in both verbal and written communication. Such is the cas e that this job will require proper record keeping and at the same time good presentation of the findings. Other important skills required are problem solving, analytical and organizational that will help in accomplishing the task given easily and more effectively (NEHA). Lastly, an environmental hea

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