Friday, November 8, 2019

Examine A Case Study On Example

Examine A Case Study On Example Examine A Case Study On – Assignment Example Check of FactCheck The website is supposed to check the information and facts that currently are considered to be controversial in society. The website uses different sources and retrieves information about an issue from multiple data bases, which guarantees objectivity of an investigation. The article â€Å"Nothing False About Temperature Data† published on February 12, 2015 checks the information about the Climategate scandal that happened couple of years ago. The scandal concerned some falsifications of climate data that caused misguiding thinking about huge climate changes on the planet and rapid oncoming of global warming. Thus FactCheck presents opposite opinions about the matter, including data from both governmental institutions and independent researches of climate changes. It turns out that the scandal was a mistake and no data was falsified and multiple researches of temperature changes and data from meteorological agencies prove the fact that inde ed average temperature rates have grown in the past 15 years. The way that in which website presents information definitely seems to be an objective investigation and looks trustworthy. First of all, the website authors use a lot of facts and enforce their arguments. They use direct citations and specify who said that and where and when exactly it was proclaimed. Direct citations are being precisely analyzed and either approved or objected by some other facts from different sources. Which is important to note is that the website provides its readers with hyperlinks to the articles and interviews that show where they have retrieved this or that information from. Thus such precise referring makes information more objective and trustworthy. Which is more important is that the article presents information from multiple institutions both governmental and independent ones. For instance, they reveal NASA’s data, and then they show one independent international investigation in order to check official sources, because it is common for people not to trust official sources. Furthermore, the fact that they show opinions of both opponents and proponents of the problem lets people construct their own opinion on the matter. However, at the end of the article FactCheck suggests the â€Å"right answer† to the question stated at the beginning, which makes reader assured in trueness of the investigation. Generally, the website seems to present independent investigations in order to check some controversial information that is essential for society. The authors of the articles use specific methodology of exploration, considering both sides of a conflict or all controversial opinions about an issue, which makes information presented in the website look objective. Levitan, Dave. "Nothing False About Temperature Data". Fact Check. February 12, 2015. Web.

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