Monday, September 9, 2019

Evaluation of Apple Store Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Evaluation of Apple Store - Assignment Example This makes the reader interested to know the various items found in the apple store. The article has described apple commodities as those which as combined with technology and are easy to use. By touching on the issue of technology most readers, both young and old will like to know more about the commodity because the world is technology oriented. Â  The article has used amazing pictures for advertising apple commodities. Readers are likely to have the first-hand experience and understand the commodities found in an apple store. The article has also explained how the commodities are used and in case of difficulties, they have illustrated how to get a solution to the problem. The language applied to this piece of writing is simple and easy to understand since it explains everything in details. A subdivision in subtopics prepares the reader for what he is reading under the subtopic. Â  The article has used bright colors in its pictures that are appealing. This makes a reader interested to read on what is being offered in the apple store. It is one strategy for advertising apple products. The background of the picture is also bright; hence, readers do not have to strain while reading the article. Pictures are large enough to pass the intended message clearly (Apple store, Pp 8). The pictures are put at the center for customers get a clear illustration of apple commodities. Â  The article has done a tremendous job of explaining how apple commodities work. They have clearly illustrated to the reader how an individual makes a movie through the iPhones. This is captivating to teenage readers since they are interested in this kind of staff. This is a strategy of catching the attention of a larger population (Apple store, Pp 9). The article has used a technique where pictures change constantly to show the diversity of the apple store commodity.

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