Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Human resource management policies implemented by Watsons Engine Assignment

Human resource management policies implemented by Watsons Engine Components - Assignment Example However there are factors which resist effective management of human resource. In this study, theoretical frameworks have also been incorporated to better analyze HRM policies and functions. A critical perspective for human resource management helps in determining the need for strategic HR planning to enhance company performance. The report will even highlight certain recommendations for Watsons at the end which can be implemented to reduce problems observed within the organization. Various approaches of human resource management are outlined in this study and each of them has a significant impact on workforce productivity. Human resource management is an organizational function structured to maximize employee performance. The major objective of this function is to meet objectives of employer. Management of human resource is related to developing systems and policies for effectively managing workforce in an organization. The units and departments of HR are responsible for employee re cruitment, performance appraisal, training and development and even rewarding. HR is associated with industrial relations, or rather balancing governmental laws and collective bargaining regulations with organizational practices. In 20th century, human relations movement framed the concept of human resource management. Researchers worked on this concept and stated that strategic management of workforce can create competitive advantage for a business.

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