Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Marketing Heineken Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Marketing Heineken - Case Study Example The company focuses on continuous improvement of the environment in which it operates its business. When it expanded the business in different countries, it has made it sure that the business of the company should not hamper the environment factors of the nation. Thus it improved the effect of the business in the environment. Under this factor it tries to take the initiative to introduce the green brewer and green commerce. It means the company focuses on the fact that brewing should not affect the environment and it increases the employment levels of the country. It has empowered the people who work with the company by providing them a quality lifestyle and it has also improved the society and communities in which it operates through its various corporate social responsibilities. It has started to engage local people as the employees to increase the level of employment. This strategy has helped many people to find jobs and a way of living and has also reduced the unemployment level of the countries. Especially in developing countries like India, Africa and east Asia, brewing has improved the level of employment. It has also implemented some healthcare policy to take care of the health of its employees and their families. It has always tried to enhance the positive impact of beer in the society because in many developing countries Beer is seen as alcohol and is prohibited. But Heineken improved the positive impact of Beer in society through responsible consumption.

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