Wednesday, September 25, 2019

How newspapers will use social media and internet to expand readership Term Paper - 1

How newspapers will use social media and internet to expand readership in the future - Term Paper Example avvy world thus, the social media is strong enough to take over the traditional forms of transmission of news like newspapers, radio, television etc due to faster and better communication among people, rapidity of spread of news, an increase in readership, as well as a growing need to adapt and become environment friendly. Newspapers and radio channels are far behind than television today in terms of the spread of news for the sole reason that with the click of a channel or press of a button one can both see or hear the news on the go, as and when it takes place. Newspapers, even though they provide the audience with a chance to spend time reading and enhancing their knowledge, arrive a day later, by which time the person may already be well versed with the news. Newspapers however have a tangible form that many people are attached to and not willing to give up. Yet, it must be understood that newspapers can make use of the social media in order to expand their readership in the future as more and more people are logged onto the internet these days. Students, workers as well as professionals and home makers – almost everyone and anyone have an account on a social networking website. Thus in order to tap the potential, newspapers can exploit these platforms and display their news banner there, a ttracting readers onto their websites and thus help them in enriching themselves by displaying their news. (Rani Malla) Today, a number of newspapers have online editions, like Wall Street Journal and New York Times to name a few; these newspapers put up everything and more on their online versions, where people may subscribe and get hourly updates on the world’s events. Newspapers can also take over social networking websites to attract more readers by creating their pages and groups and involving forums for communication over the news among various people. Moreover, blogs and online journals are encouraged by newspaper reporters and writers in order to increase

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