Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Holography Essay -- Hologram Descriptive Essays

Holography Holography has been around for sometime now, but has become increasingly more popular in recent years. Holograms are now found in virtually all types of products. These products consist of currencies, checks, stock certificates, credit cards, passports, ID cards, computer software, audio/visual tapes and CD ROMs, aircraft, software, electrical/electronic appliances, building materials, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, building materials, branded fashion wear, tickets for performances and major sporting events, textbooks, toys, the list goes on. Although the possibility of holography was suggested as early as 1947, it could not be demonstrated until a pure coherent light source, the laser became available in 1963. The techniques of holograms are also applicable to sound, and bats may navigate by ultrasonic holography. Holographic techniques also have applications in storing dental records, detecting stresses and stains on construction and retail goods, detecting forged paintings and documents, and producing three-dimensional body scans. Holography is a method of producing three-dimensional images by means of laser light. Holography uses photographic techniques involving the splitting of two beams apart. So you may be wondering, what exactly is a hologram? The easiest way to describe it is a three dimensional picture. Like if you had a picture of a big marble, and had a smaller marble behind it you would not be able to look around the big marble to see the little one. Holography though, has very little to do with photography. A photograph is an actual image; a snapshot taken in a seconds time to preserve a memory. â€Å"A hologram contains information about size, shape, brightness, and contrast of the object being recorded.† (www.holoworld.com/holo/quest2) â€Å"The information is stored in a very microscopic and complex pattern of interference. The interference pattern is made possible by the properties of light generated by a LASER.† (www.holoworld.com/holo/quest2) In order to have a hologram be effective and accurate it needs two things: 1. Light needs to be highly directional 2. One color If it is done correctly your eyes and brain perceives the object as being in front of you. Basically it is a mind trick. Earlier I mentioned holography. This is a method that allow... ...le conversation though! BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. American Bank Note sees secure future Westchester County Business Journal July 7, 2000 Volume 39. Issue 28 pg. 9 2. AMPLIFIERS HOLOGRAPHY, Poptronics, March 2000, Vol 1 Issue 3, pg10 3. http://www.enter.net/~holostudio/holonews.html 4. ELECTRONIC holography, Electronic Engineering Times, 12/15/97 Issue 985, pg33. 4. Foilmark Plans $5 million expansion for holographic unit. Converting Magazine, March 2000 Volume 18. Issue 3 pg.22 5. www.holoworld.com 6. www.holograms.bc 7. Holograms Are for Real Machine Design February 25, 1999 Volume 71 Issue 4 pg.48 8. Hologram Maker Reviews problems in Accounting Khasru, B.Z. Westchester County Business Journal February 8, 1999. Volume 6 pg. 5 9. HOLOGRAPHY-Technological innovations VOXEL Inc., Computer Graphics World, Nov 96, Vol.19, Issue 11, pg20 10. www.members.eunet.at/lexlechz/hologram 11. Multipedia, 1995 12. http://www.oldcoloradocity.com/magictown/ 13. Optics Industry Report Laser Focus World January 2000 Volume 36 Issue 1, pg.69 14. Protecting the right image. Modern Power systems. November 1999 Volume 19. Issue 11 pg. 59

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