Sunday, October 20, 2019

How to Grow a Salt Crystal Garden

How to Grow a Salt Crystal Garden A salt crystal garden produces a tree of white or colored crystals. Learn how to grow a salt crystal garden using a paper towel or toilet paper tube and a salt crystal solution. Salt Crystal Garden Materials toilet paper tube or about 4 of a paper towel tube3 tablespoons household ammonia3 tablespoons iron(III) ferrocyanide solution1 tablespoon table salt The iron(III) ferrocyanide solution may be made by suspending the powdered chemical in water or you may use Prussian Blue artist pigment, diluted to produce a deep blue-colored liquid, or you can use Mrs. Stewarts Laundry Bluing (find online). Grow a Salt Crystal Garden Stir the salt crystal ingredients together in the bottom of a shallow dish.Set the paper tube in the center of the dish. If you like, you can cut the tube to resemble a tree. The salt crystals will be white, so if you want colored crystals, dot the paper tube with food coloring or color it with a water-soluble marker.Place the salt crystal garden somewhere it wont be bumped or disturbed. Over the course of a few hours, the liquid will move up the tube and start growing crystals. Crystals will continue to grow for a day or more or you can add more solution if you want to continue crystal growth for a week or two.

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