Friday, October 18, 2019

Week 7 Hand-In Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Week 7 Hand-In - Assignment Example By such restriction the data will remain consistent or in other words it will be independent of the programs using it. The concept of data independence helps to improve the maintenance and management of database in single user environment (Wisegeek, 2011). End users, usually those who have no or very little knowledge about computers take advantage of application software (Toolbox, 2008). While on the other hand, database can be created, maintained or modified by its users through database management system. There are numerous advantages in separating the application software from database management system. One of the foremost advantages is better load balancing which means that different machines can be used for application software and database management system. This increases the overall efficiency of the entire system. Another advantage of separation of application software from the database management system is that it results in making the entire system more secure. This increase in security is necessary because end users are in contact with application software and in the database very important data is stored. Even very little change in the database can result in major faults and failures (Ramirez, 2000). Answer: Programmers or designers of database management system are not responsible to check vacancy on each flight. The user who is concerned with flight 243 will perform this operation and will check this vacancy. The user will enter into the application software to see the availability of flights. When he will click on the flight number 243 then it will be checked in the database that is there any seat in the flight available. Answer: A relation is a term which deals with database. At the time of designing of database management system it must be decided that how database entities, relations, tables etc within a database must be stored. Therefore, it is responsibility of designer of DBMS software to perform the operation

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