Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Technology impact on Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Technology impact on Business - Essay Example The product was developed based upon the expectations of a citizen, such as customization and multiple communication options as well as virtual personalized assistance.(Lyon, 2008). Features of the IRS contact center include round-the-clock customer access using one click that can access the customer’s desired choice of assistance, such as chat, video or audio help. Using this improved technology, more customers can be served using fewer resources, thereby resulting in improved efficiency and higher levels of customer satisfaction. The author has pointed out that as the technology evolves, it is likely to improve further and become more mobile, requiring fewer devices to function efficiently. This article also provides details of improved technology devices that can contribute to a cleaner, greener environment. One of these is the EPEAT, a project of the Green Electronics Council. This program is a tool that helps customers to compare monitors, desktops and personal computers in order to evaluate their impact on the environment in terms of the waste they generate. For example, some of these electronic devices may contain toxic or hazardous compounds and if these components are not discarded properly, they could pose a danger to the environment and can also harm public health. The EPEAT technology consists of three basic components. The first is a standard that contains fifty one environmental performance criteria IEEE 1680 to 2006 Standard for the environmental assessment of personal computers. Twenty three of these fall under the mandatory criteria while twenty eight of these criteria are optional, but all of them fall under eight basic categories – the selection of materials, reduced use of environmentally sensitive materials, conservation of energy, ensuring product longevity and ensuring they are designed with end of life management so they can be

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