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There are questions which I need to answer in assignment criteria Essay

There are questions which I need to answer in assignment criteria - Essay Example There have been numerous occasions where the university has been put forward in the brink of various outrages by the students as well as the professors due to political indifference. The political indifference resulted in the mass scale evasion of classes. After the intervention by Margaret Thatcher the political instability was quelled back (Warren, Reeve and Fess, 2005). In order to repel back the political instability large scale changes were made in the management and administrative level. The changes in the administrative and the management level is an indication of the long standing commitment of the university towards the creation of a better administrative system which is free from the political prejudice. Apart from that the other reasons was to transform the university as one of the torch bearers of educational prowess. 9 5.0 Analysis of the current strategic situation 9 5.1 Threat of potential entrants 10 5.2 Threat of suppliers 11 5.3 Threat of substitutes 11 5.4 Bargaini ng power of buyers 12 5.5 Threat of industry rivalry 13 6.0 Evaluation of the internal resources and capabilities within the context of Resource Based View 13 7.0 Synopsis of the strategic situation of London South Bank University 15 8.0 Strategic directions for the future 15 8.1 Exploration of a limited range of strategic options 15 8.2 Evaluation and assessment of the strategic choices 16 8.3 Application of Ansoff’s growth strategies 16 9.0 Recommendations 18 It is recommended that London South bank University follow Porter’s generic strategy. This kind of strategy will help to achieve an all around development in both improvements of the service as well as the improvement of the market. The new educational services will include devising a set of new course wares. These course wares will be developed to facilitate in the learning process of the students. Such course wares are in serious needs for students coming from abroad. The new course wares will include material s that will speed up the learning ability of the students coming from different international countries. The existing educational services and course wares will undergo developments for inclusion of features that were missing in the earlier version and at the same time the prices will be slashed. The development of the educational services and market base of the students is only the tip of the ice berg. The real effort lies in achieving educational excellence and operational excellence. The introduction of new course wares and new students will lead to the opening up of new institutes and more learning centre. This will call for more effort to manage such large swathes of students. So here in lies the need to improve the operational aspect of London South Bank University. The other recommendations are improvisation includes the research and business and enterprise wing of London South bank University. Both of these areas need extensive capital resources. The availability of the incr eased capital resources in these two departments will lead to the swift take off of different types of research projects. 18 Reference List 19 1.0 Introduction Strategic development is all about applying the most appropriate measures in order to adapt to the present situation and at same time controlling the outcome in the future. The company or

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