Friday, October 4, 2019

Therapy Models Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Therapy Models - Essay Example According to the paper, in order to achieve success, in this case, is to break the habits and thought patterns that the patient is constantly trapped in. The urge to consumer an addictive substance is so strong that the patient cannot fight it alone. It’s like controlling an elephant that a person rides on. If the elephant starts taking decisions on its own, start moving wherever it wishes, the driver will have no control on it no matter how much he yells and shouts. But when the elephant and the rider are in such an area that doesn’t have anything that would lure the elephant towards it (alcohol, depressed thoughts), than the elephant can in fact roam freely around. The elephant example is just for understanding how strong the urge is of an addict to get his ‘fix’. Clinical treatment models that are normally used to treat such patients include; inpatient and outpatient treatment, extended care centers, recovery houses (more commonly known as the rehab cent ers), counseling, support groups and orthomolecular medicine. There is a huge emphasis on the reasons why a patient chooses drugs and alcohol and why does he keep taking it? If the patient consciously wants to get rid of the addiction than help is almost everywhere however if there is a belief system tied to the use of the substance then it gets hard for the health providers to treat the patient. For instance in the case of Devdas, he simply chose to use alcohol because it helped him forget the thought of his love for a while. If asked, he would definitely say that ‘let him be’ he likes the pain and misery he is in. Treating such patients can be more difficult than normal addicts, quite contrary to Cynthia (our imaginary patient who came to the clinic herself). She is seeking help and desperately wants to get rid of her chronic depression.

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