Thursday, October 17, 2019

Scrabble Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Scrabble - Essay Example Matt Graham is a thirty two year old. He works in the comedy industry where he is a standup comedian. His mode of dressing of dressing is actually shabby. As Fatsis (2001) states, he wears flannel shirts that he does not button over old T-shirts. The jeans that he puts on are torn and do not fit him well. When he speaks, he speaks so fast that it seems his mind is running ahead of his thoughts. Matt is an individual who does not care much about his health. This is showed by the amount of pills that he takes each day. He has a five by seven card which he has divided into two columns. In one column, he has written the names of twenty pills which he takes in the morning on an empty. In the other column, he has written seventeen more that he has to take with breakfast. He does not care of the warnings indicated on the labels. Rather, he claims that they turn him around more than anything. He also has a damaged knee which pains him much but he refuses to see an orthopedist to check out th e issue. This supports the point that he does not care much about his health (Fatsis, 2011). According to Fatsis (2001), Matt is affected by insomnia. It is indicated that he does not sleep much. Especially on the night before the day when Matt shall play a best of five games against an opponent to find out the world Scrabble champion. The eating habits of Matt are quite out of order. On this particular morning, Matt does not eat much. Matt also chooses not to relax as opposed to the notion that a moment of relaxation and reflection before a very important game is needed. It seems that Matt has very peculiar ways of going about his time and actions before the finals. This peculiar ways may be as a result of the consumption of pills. It is suggested that if Matt is tested for drugs, then he would actually be banned for life. But Matt is lucky as drugs are not tested

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